Rete Universitaria Italiana per l'Apprendimento Permanente

Sede operativa: Università Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione - Via Milazzo 11/b, 00185 Roma. Sede legale: Studio Angela Negri - Piazza della Vittoria 14/24, 16123 Genova

RUIAP associates 31 Italian universities, some organizations and professionals, involved in the promotion of lifelong learning. RUIAP members intend to promote the development of lifelong learning in Italian Universities, as an active contribution to the knowledge society, for the enhancement of the person and the growth of the country's economic and social system. They refer to the principles of the "European Universities' Charter on Lifelong Learning", which identify the development and implementation of strategies for Lifelong Learning as a further universities institutional mission, necessary to face the transformations of society, in synergy with actors present in different social and economic contexts. This includes raising the qualification of professions according to innovation, economic development and international competitiveness; the pursuit of social inclusion policies and support for the effective exercise of the rights and duties of citizenship by the entire population. RUIAP, established in Genoa, on November 16th 2011, since May 2012 is full member of EUCEN (European University Continuing Education Network), the Universities European Network for Lifelong Learning.

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