English grammar for Person & Family

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Pathway in Innovazione didattica e CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

Pathway in B2-English Language level training

This course focuses on topics related to person and family, and some grammatical and syntactic rules. More in particular, this course is divided into 4 sections: Person, Family and Social Relationships, Sciences and Technology, Current Affairs and Mass Media, and Morphology. 

The [MOOC] is part of the "B2-English Language level training" pathway of the 1st level University Master in "Didactic innovation and CLIL”, organized by the University of Foggia for the academic year. 2017/2018 -master is not active-

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4 Settimane



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10 Lug 2018

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25 Lug 2018

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3 Set 2018

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21 Dic 2018

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22 Dic 2018

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  • to comprehend and recognize the topics being studied (whether they are related to terminology, grammatical rules, reading or listening activities);
  • to apply what students have been exposed to in the form of sentences, short paragraphs or activities of different types.
The attendants to this course should have an (upper)-intermediate level of English (B1/B2).
The following textbook is strongly suggested: 

Guy Brook-Hart. Complete First second edition. Student’s pack with answers with CD-ROM, Class Audio CDs (2). Cambridge University Press, UK. 2014. Codice ISBN 13: 9781107698352 

Moreover, additional learning material will be provided.

The course is based on online video lessons, interactive teaching activities and individual study. At the beginning of some sections the students are given warm-up and/or brainstorming activities, or they are asked to share their own opinion on the discussion forum in order to introduce the topic being studied. Moreover, throughout the course some self-assessment activities are scheduled. Finally, some peer-to-peer activities and webinar are scheduled as well.
The certificate of attendance and the Badge will be issued after participating in all the learning activities and completing with positive results the assessment activities included in the course.