Open Academy

 Open Academy is the EduOpen section to collect courses produced by professors who decide to become part of a process of educational and cultural innovation by engaging energies, sharing knowledge outside university walls, proposing alternative ways to involve unconventional students in the training. 

The courses collected in this institution belong to professors who, within official projects or in informal situations, produced a Mooc/Courseware responding to the needs of their students or recognizing the needs of the entire community with the desire to communicate the new and to propose innovative visions for the whole educational system. 

The web is full of examples of teachers who, regardless of institutional practices, share documents and videos on social media, write their blogs and use them for educational purposes, produce courses within the university platforms, choose dynamic solutions for their way of teaching. This is the reason of the launch of the Open Academy: we desire to reply to the needs of the professors who want to deal with innovation in the educational sector, get involved working according to the dictates of open education, share knowledge, use digital tools in teaching, create online community.



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