University of Naples Parthenope

Via Amm. F. Acton, 38 - 80133 Napoli

At the University of Naples "Parthenope", founded in 1919, currently study about 15,000 students followed with great professionalism by about 320 teachers and 250 members of the technical and administrative staff. The University provides students with a solid and flexible training, enhanced in an international perspective, oriented to the balanced development of knowledge, interpersonal skills and reflective and critical skills.
In its centenary tradition, the University has always been characterized as a superior center of culture in which the sea is studied in all its technical and economic aspects. Over the years, while maintaining this specificity, the University has developed further poles of higher education and research in the fields of economics and law, engineering, technology and the study of motor sciences and wellness.
The University contributes to the development of knowledge through innovative, international and multidisciplinary research, open to comparison with application experiences and with the world of work and business.



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