Introduction to Sustainability, Sustainable Finance and the role of Law

Nowadays, terms such as “sustainability”, “sustainable finance”, “socially responsible investment”, “impact investment” and “ESG products” are frequently used, sometimes as interchangeable concepts. However, many differences exist between sustainable financial products and strategies, and a wrong or obscure use of such terminology could lead to misleading financial communication and a deflected public perception.

The course, developed by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU Sustainable Finance and Law (EUSFIL) aims to provide an introduction to sustainable finance, exploring the basic concepts, describing current developments and trends, but also discussing the main challenges to the growth of sustainable financial markets. The course will also provide basic knowledge on the different sustainable financial products and strategies, with a focus on the role of law in supporting the growth of sustainable finance in the EU.

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16 Giu 2021

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1 Lug 2021

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The course aims to provide access to the largest number of learners possible to all basic notions and instruments to understand and discuss current developments and trends in the integration of sustainability in finance, so ensuring a first easy access for people who do not work in the financial sector.


You can find the materials within the course.

9 short video-modules along with documents to go a little bit more in depth. A final quiz based on the video material is at the participant's disposal for validation of the course.

You can earn the Attendance Certificate by completing all the included video-lectures and the final test. Completion to the required grade (7/10) of the final quiz is required.

Eugenia Macchiavello

Eugenia Macchiavello

Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza