Italian Association of Nazi Concentration Camp Survivors

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The Italian Association of Nazi Concentration Camp Survivors (ANED) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1945. With the testimony of the ex-deportees and of their relatives, with the conservation of documents and archives, with in-depth historical and cultural analyses on the issues related to deportation, ANED wants to pass down through generations the memory of what happened during the Nazi-Fascist regimes and contribute to mould democratic and active citizens, ethically responsible and attentive to the problems of the present. Through the work of 27 local chapters and over 2,400 volunteers, organizes each year more than 900 initiatives (seminars, readings, exhibitions and educational visits to Nazi lagers), directly involving over 100,000 persons, of which 40% are students. At the European level, ANED seats in the Committees of the survivors of the main Nazi lagers to actively participate in the preservation of these “places of remembrance”.



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