Empowering support for mental health

The course, developed for the project EMPOWER.Ment within the Erasmus+ Programme 2021 [Project number: 2020-1-EL-01-KA204-078879], will provide training on how to support persons with MHC in inclusive and empowering way.
The project aims at empowering people with mental health challenges/ or difficulties to be included socially, through ensuring their inclusion in every step of the training and/or therapeutic pathway – from planning to evaluation. That, will be achieved through the proper training and preparation of volunteers, friends/family, mental health professionals, university students, who surround and support people with mental health challenges/ or difficulties.

For more information, see https://empower-ment.eu/

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5 Semana



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jun 12, 2023

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jul 1, 2023

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  • to provide information and evidence on inclusion and its gains for the therapeutic path and life of people with mental health challenges/ or difficulties 
  • to make trainees become familiar with terms and the language in mental health that make people with mental health challenges/ or difficulties feel included 
  • to present all recent evidence in mental health support planning for people with mental health challenges/ or difficulties 
  • to provide practical information on available resources on the topic – how to train, support inclusively 
  • to present ways of self-assessment 
  • to provide online support/supervision 
  • to introduce the new paradigm in good practices 
  • to link with all available resources
Motivated to support people with mental health challenges
More References on https://empower-ment.eu
The course is organized in 9 sections with videos and questionnaires.
You can obtain a Certificate of Attendance by watching all the videolectures and passing the quizzes.