Innovative, Sustainable and Clean Energy - part 2

The course Innovative, Sustainable and Clean Energy - part 2, developed by the UNESCO Chair in Innovative, Sustainable and Clean Energy Research and Education in the framework of the UNITWIN-UNESCO program, aims to provide an overview of the different green technologies/solutions for clean and innovative energy production, storage, distribution and final uses. After providing an overview of the different technologies related to energy storage, which represent a key-point from the strategic standpoint, solutions related to distributed generation and smart grids are presented. The second part of the course focuses on clean Hydrogen production, storage and use, also investigating Power-to-gas and Power-to-fuel solutions. Finally, practical applications in the field of sustainable transports (maritime, cars, trains, etc.) are presented, considering different Countries and scenarios. This course integrates and completes the First Pack of lessons, more focused on energy policies and clean energy production technologies by RES.

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Technology, Design and Engineering

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Self Paced




16 weeks



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Self Pacement

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Sep 23, 2022

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Oct 7, 2022

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  • To present technologies related to different kind of energy storage.· 
  •  To describe best practices and technologies related to distributed generation, to be applied in local energy districts and smart grids to promote energy efficiency, reducing fossil fuels consumption, and encouraging energy saving.
  • To discuss the introduction of green hydrogen and clean fuels (i.e. biomethane, ammonia, biomethanol, etc.), produced by renewable electricity, to partially substitute traditional fossil fuels.
  • To present solutions for sustainable mobility, with the final aim of decarbonizing the transportation sector, by the application of the above presented clean energy technologies in different Countries and scenarios.
  •  To analyze possible applications for all the above presented solutions and promote best practise and International significant case studies for the diffusion of innovative and clean technologies for education and research purposes, also to foster R&D international cooperation.

As a showcase course, the goal of the training program is but to divulgate experiences and best practices from all over the world in the topic of Sustainable Energy.

Both technical and non-technical recipients should be able to join the course with different purposes.

For technical/energy educated recipients: being stimulated about potential new R&D frontiers and projects, innovative applications and demonstrations etc., thus being motivated to enhance their know-how about sustainable energy.

For non-technical recipients: being fascinated about sustainable energy “as a whole” also thanks to some best practices and use cases to be presented during the lessons, thus being motivated to “approach” sustainable energy.

More details within the course.

The course includes 4 modules each of which contains 3 sections. Each module includes video lessons to be autonomously followed by students also thanks to training material support and a self-evaluation test.

You can earn the Attendance Certificate by watching the included video-lectures and completing the tests.