Assessment for Learning (4th Ed.)

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Pathway in La valutazione nei contesti educativi [Docimologia] (4a ed.)

Basically, one of the most important things of this course is the well known evaluational object, as all of us have experienced it. Knowledges, the abilities and competences that students acquire during educational process must be supervised from the beginning to the end of each formative pathway.  The instruments to effect this control are diverse and can be used in different ways and in different circumstances, this course helps to learn the wide repertoire of this instruments as well as simple techniques to carry out analysis of evaluational dates.

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Feb 1, 2019

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Mar 4, 2019

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At the end of the course students will be able to describe the evaluation process in its main stages, to describe the dimensions of the evaluation and the areas involved in the evaluation in educational contexts (acquisition, individual institute, professional operators, system as a whole) and to illustrate the characteristics of the main tools used in the evaluation actions. In addition, they will be able to construct, individually and/or in groups, some simple evaluation tests, such tests will be collected by each student within a final paper: the assessment portfolio.
This course is included in the fourth year of the five-year degree course in Primary Education Sciences. Therefore, a basic knowledge at pedagogical, didactic, psychological and disciplinary level is taken for granted, as it was acquired during the first three years of the course. In addition, it can be used as a basic level course in a training course for in-service teachers.
All the educational resources (books, documents, web resources) needed to follow the path are available on the course page.
The course is made up of 8 lessons, one offline to introduce the whole course and seven online concerning evaluation in general as well as methods and tools for evaluating learning. Each online lesson consists of two or three videos. At the beginning of the course a Questionnaire is proposed for the collection of some context information and students' expectations. In addition, a monothematic discussion group on the construction of the questions is proposed. Finally, the course ends with a self-assessment test. There are a number of communication tools available to the students: a forum where the teacher publishes his/her notices, a forum where students can communicate directly with the teacher, a forum where students can communicate with each other, a virtual classroom where, upon request of the students, once a week the teacher meets the students individually or in groups.
In order to obtain the Certificate of Participation, it is necessary to complete the activities of the course and fulfill the following requirements: complete the questionnaire at the beginning of the course; take the final self-assessment test.



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