Introduction course to NMR (2nd ed.)

Twelve videos grouped into five Didactical Units guide the viewer from the physical basis of the NMR phenomenon to simple mono-dimensional proton spectra to hetero nuclear spectra to the most used two-dimensional techniques, with emphasis on spectra interpretation. Some complete characterizations examples using these techniques are discussed at the end of the course.

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Aug 7, 2019
The target of the course is to give some basic elements of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique, to permit with some confidence the correct interpretation of monodimensional spectra of some nuclei (1H, 13C, 31P) and of bidimensional correlatio spectra to reach in the end the complete structural determination of organic molecules and organometallic complexes.
The course is devolved to degree students of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Nano and Biomaterials and similar, where the focus is in the strucural characterization of molecules in solution. No prerequisites are required.

R.M.Silverstein, F.X.Webster, D.J. Kiemle, D.L. Bryce: “Identificazione spettrometrica di composti organici”, terza edizione, CEA, Isbn 978-8808-18350-7

The course is organized in 12 videos, grouped in 5 didactica units, and has the aim to give some basic elements of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique. Is specially trated the relation between molecular structure and spectral data in mono and bidimensional spectra of various nuclei (1H, 13C, 31P). In the last lessons complete interpretations of a series of spectra for some model molecules are given.

You can earn Attendance Certificate and Open badge by completing all the included video-lessons and the final tests of each section, answering correctly to minimum 70% of questions.