Medical English

In today's globalized world, the health professional has often the need to communicate in English with patients and colleagues. The aim of this course is not that of teaching how to read a medical text, but to help you to practice your profession in English, possibly in a human context different from the one you are familiar with. The first two videos concern the cultural barriers that may hamper communication with patients of a different ethnic background. In the following videos, the health professionals enter a virtual hospital, meet its staff, and visit its individual operating units. Later on, they encounter patients, collect their medical histories, perform their physical examination, set down medical records, request diagnostic tests, and prescribe therapy. 

Several videos concern specific medical areas, for which typical dialogue situations are represented using the most frequent medical terms. The focus is not on technical words, but on the common terms that the patient may use. In all these scenarios, possible differences between the Anglo-Saxon and Italian interpersonal approach are emphasized for the purpose of fostering trust and communication with the patient. The course includes 24 video for a total of more than 6 hours.

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Feb 1, 2017

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  • to develop a multicultural approach for the health professional;
  • to communicate in English with patients and colleagues;
  • to use English medical vocabulary in order to work in an English-speaking medical setting.

Good working knowledge of English.

Carlo Pesce. Medical English, Zanichelli, 2020

The course includes 24 videos for a total running time of more than six hours. The video lectures are subdivided into three sections, each of which contains a self-evaluation test.