Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Intercultural Communication

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, 07743 Jena

Luisa Conti (PhD in Pedagogy and Educational Science / PhD in Philosophy) has been researcher in intercultural pedagogy at the University of Padua (Italy) and Veracruz (Mexico) and in intercultural communication at the University of Jena.

Intercultural dialogue is a central subject of her studies, whereby her focus is on all questions bounded to the conception, management and evaluation of projects created to foster intercultural dialogue. Considering our digitalized society, she largely dedicated her research on the peculiarities linked to the usage of the web, investigating on its opportunities and challenges for intercultural dialogue.

Since she started her "Habilitation" she extended her object of research to the field of diversity and social inclusion. Since 2006 she is lecturer at the University of Jena, holding classes also on Theory of Intercultural Communication, on Conception and Management of Project for Intercultural Dialogue, and on Diversity, Discrimination and Participation. 

As initiator of an innovative conceptual reset of the Berlin days of intercultural dialogue, she is at the moment also engaged in the spread of the dialogic approach in different contexts in Eastern Germany,  i.e. schools.

As lecturer and trainer in the area of intercultural communication she is well known for her creative participative pedagogy, which she also developed in the frame of the European Project "WeReurope". The link between representation (objects, photography, ecc.), memories and imaginaries, and intercultural dialogue, which characterized this EU-financed project continue to underpin her work in class and outside.