Edoardo Bellanti was born in Genoa 14 July 1985 and since 2001 is passionate about the world of videomaking. 

Since 2004, after graduating from High School, he has collaborated with internationally renowned Dj Producer Danijay, realizing over the years several live videos, video clips, and special multimedia content In the same period, he experiences and produces all kinds of projects related to audiovisual (commercials, music videos, shorts, services, events, ecc.) in 2010 and obtained a Master Degree in Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication, magna cum laude. As a thesis project he create Campuswave, the official radio station of University of Genoa In 2011 

He began a professional collaboration to support research entitled: "NEW TECHNIQUES FOR 3D DISPLAY - RECORDING AND PLAYBACK DEVICES". He got to work on Stereoscopic 3D to experience the design and creation of content on one of the first examples in Europe of autostereoscopic monitor and get in touch with the professional production company E-Motion (http://www.e-motion.tv) 

In 2012 achieves the qualification of Network Software Specialist and Master's Degree in New Media and Immersive Technologies ICT, through which specializes in the design and realization of stereoscopic 3D video and 3D rig with appropriate professional production tools. At the end of this path realizes (co-directed along with Alice Corsi) "Henry B - The Way," the first pop-dance music video to be shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D. "The Way" (a project presented at the 15th Genoa Film Festival) has been selected and screened at the 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles (http://3dff.org), 20 to 22 September. The video was also selected and screened in competition at the 3D Film & Music Fest in Barcelona (http://3dfilmusic.com), at the Parallax Stereoscopic Video Art in Prague ( http://www.parallax.cz/), at the 10th Annual L.A. 3D Movie Fest (Los Angeles, 2013), at 5th New Media Film Festival (Los Angeles, 2014), at 40th National Stereoscopic Association 3D-con (2014) an at 15° Big Bear International Film Festival (2014). It will also be distributed by the American short 3D Crave (http://3dcrave.com/) on smart TVs such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic. 

From 2013 to 2015 he is Research Fellow for the project "Techology-enhanced framework 'e-Laparo4D' for the simulation of laparoscopic surgery" at the DIBRIS (Interschool Department of Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering), University of Genoa. 

During the years, he has Teaching Assignment for various courses, about multimedia production, 3D modeling and video production.

From 2011, along with Alice Corsi, he is founder and owner of Wonderland Production (http://www.wonderlandproduction.com) a production studio, which deals with the production of audiovisual products of any kind (commercials, music videos, corporate and institutional videos, short films), but that is distinguished by the expertise and attention to new media and immersive technologies.